We are proud to offer comprehensive engineering programs that take advantage of all the strengths of Dedan Kimathi University of technology (DeKUT). The mission of our School is to educate students to excel in the engineering fields, innovate, and translate the innovation into useful technologies that serve our country and the world at large. We do this by providing an academically stimulating environment that is competitive in terms of research facilities and personnel.

The first engineering students graduated from DeKUT in 2013.  We have evolved into a vibrant, recognized educational and research school with more than 2,500 enrolled undergraduate and graduate students and almost 60 faculty members. The school offers nine undergraduate programs, seven Masters of Science programs and one Doctor of Philosophy degree program.  We are distinctive in the programs that we offer and the educational environment that we are creating. Our members of staff are the heart of our school, and they have earned a number of awards that attest to the quality of their research, teaching and service. We are proud to be the School of Engineering in Dedan Kimathi University of technology which is a premier university of technology in the country. Our students know the faculty and work cooperatively with one another as they advance their academic endeavors. We are committed to offering students numerous opportunities for professional growth, leadership, undergraduate and graduate research, service to the university and nation at large.

If you’re a prospective or a current student, please visit the various pages of this website for more information on how the school of Engineering can better serve your educational endeavors. If you’re an industry sponsor or an outreach partner, you can view our capabilities on our main University and the specific department’s pages for more information. 

Best Regards,
Dr. Njenga Mburu