The DeKUT Bachelor of Education in Technology programme in the School of Engineering is aimed at training competent Technical and Vocational Teachers in areas of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

The programme is designed to expose learners to hands-on training requisite to address the Engineering knowledge, skills and attitude gap in the country. The students will be molded into dependable Technical Training Institution trainers equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to provide much needed expertise to spur economic growth at national and global levels by providing the requisite skilled human resource.

The department focuses on developing the potential of trainees with skills to prepare them as trainers in a world where technology is integrated in virtually every job and to enhance their learning experiences in all content areas including teaching at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.

Programme Objective

The Bachelor of Education in Technology programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To develop trainers who are knowledgeable, skilled, ethical,dedicated, confident, competitive, resourceful and dependable.
  2. To prepare trainers who will contribute to the improvement of society by using technology.
  3. To prepare trainers to assess, control and use technology to support student learning.
  4. To develop trainers capable of adapting and adopting to a world of changing teaching and learning technologies.
  5. To produce trainers capable of providing professional development, mentoring and basic technical and instructional assistance to other professional educators.