The DeKUT Civil Engineering Department offers a fully integrated undergraduate Civil Engineering programme comprising up-to-date courses in all the traditional branches of Civil Engineering, such as Structures, highway and transportation, materials such as Steel, pavement and Concrete, Geotechnics, Hydraulics, Water Supply, Wastewater Treatment and Transportation. The programme is fully accredited with the Engineering board of Kenya and commission for university education. Furthermore, the programme undergoes continuous review through its stakeholders and faculty members to keep abreast with best practices worldwide and respond to the current challenges in civil engineering.

The Department is confident that its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes meet the best university standards worldwide and are offered by highly qualified and experienced academic and support staff. In our undergraduate programme, we develop aspiring young Civil Engineers with a challenging curriculum to equip them for the demands that face Civil Engineering in a rapidly developing global environment. The skills of professional Civil Engineers are required in the built environment sector, finance and project management. The Civil Engineering degree course offered at our University prepares the candidates for the demands of a civil engineering career.

The only undergraduate degree on offer from the Department of Civil Engineering is the Bachelor of Science (Eng) in Civil Engineering.
The department hosts the center for water conservation and management which coordinates research, collaboration, short courses and conferences for the water and water resources engineering.
Students are taught the theoretical aspects of Civil Engineering during their lectures, but a large part of the course comprises laboratory sessions. These involve investigating the properties of different construction materials, soil behavior and foundation design, the behavior of structural materials under increased loads, water quality and waste treatment among many others. The course also includes other important support units covering basic survey operations and the preparation of site plans, Mathematics, entrepreneurship and development concepts.

The students undergo a mandatory practical training involving both site work and office design experience during their vacation.